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We created Hot Sauce Heroes, to bring you the best hot sauces from independent suppliers in the UK, together in one place.

Our suppliers and their products are hand picked based on taste tests, reviews and all round awesomeness, so you know you’re getting the best Hot Sauce the UK has to offer.

All of the hot sauces we provide are 100% Vegan (for the animals!) and Vegetarian, so no having to trawl through the ingredients list. Read More…

Sid Houghton
Verified ownerVerified owner

This is the best hot sauce I've ever tried, the balance of flavour is second to none. Bang on.

2 years ago
Verified ownerVerified owner

I'm sold on anything which involves a bloody mary and it didn't disappoint! Fast delivery aswell!

3 years ago

Whack this over any asian inspired dish and its instantly a 10/10

3 years ago

Scott's Bonnets

The YouTube channel where chilli and beer comes together to create something beautiful.

Scott will be providing us with Hot Sauce hilarity as he reviews sauces from our suppliers and burns his way through chilli challenges. Keep checking back for his latest videos, he may even throw an exclusive hot discount code your way…